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Computer Science and Engineering
Team 21

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Zhuoran Cheng
Miranda Du
Dunk Hong
Reuben Ukah
Emily Walder
Travis Wong

Suining He

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ITS Analytics Dashboard

UConn Information Technology Services (ITS), responsible for IT services, supports about 15,000 machines in total, across the different branches of UConn. With such an extensive user base and network system and few analysis tools, it is difficult to detect most of the underlying issues and potential environmental changes without a central data visualization and management software. Therefore, the goal of this project is to develop a web-based system which pulls data directly from different backend data feeds and creates a dashboard so that ITS and potential users, where appropriate, can visualize statistics at a glance on any device. This will greatly alleviate/reduce the complexity of analyzing multiple REST APIs and databases in the system, and allow for potential issues to be detected and addressed before they become larger problems. To address this, we propose an interactive dashboard design, which mainly consists of four different widgets: a graph showing login statistics, pie charts displaying the percentage of computers compliant with a security standard, a table of machines that had last been used, and a table showing machines deemed idle.