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Biomedical Engineering
Team 11

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Matthew Chipdey
Robert Driscoll
Bang Lam

Patrick Kumavor

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The Design of a White Cane for the Blind With Advanced Sensing Utility Through Audio Feedback

One of the key components of our design is the software which makes it possible. As a proof of concept, we used MatLAB to process audio signals by transforming them into the frequency domain. These signals are processed onboard a laptop, and the main focus of the project is to refine this technology into smaller and more portable parts, with the ultimate goal of creating a system which can be mostly or completely contained inside the handle of the cane. At the time of writing, The Raspberry Pi is a promising candidate for audio processing and this platform is being optimized to take place of a laptop. Another design component is creating a lightweight cane which is properly weighted, with a handle shaped to reduce user fatigue.