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Civil Engineering
Team 14

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Yikun He
David Huang
Christopher Rojo
Michael Smith

John Ivan


City of Stamford

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Cove Road in Stamford, CT is a major connector in Stamford between Shippan and Cove Island Park. Cove Road is a Minor Arterial Roadway from Elm Street to Seaside Avenue and a Minor Collector from Seaside to Weed Avenue. In addition to a dense residential population and small businesses lining Cove Road; the Cove Area is home to Chelsea Piers, NBC, Rogers International School, KT Murphy School, and Cove Island Park. From Elm Street/Shippan Avenue to Weed Avenue, Cove Road had inconsistencies with sidewalks and parking; including narrow sidewalks, sidewalk gaps, undefined separation between sidewalks and parking, and no bicycle facilities. The City has sponsored our team with the goal of promoting safety and enhancing mobility of all roadway users; vehicles, pedestrians, bicyclists, sidewalks and parking. Our team has met the desires of the City and designed a continuous well defined sidewalk from Elm Street to Weed Avenue. Additionally, the team designed an improved on street parking layout for the retail and multifamily housing since there were sections of Cove Road where the parking lane needed to be defined clearly.