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Civil Engineering
Team 17

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Nathan Drinan
Ritu Patel
Nick Roche
Mahnoor Syed

John Ivan


Town of Manchester

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The intersection of Adams Street and Olcott Street in the town of Manchester has a number of problems that we hope to rectify. Some of these problems include poor intersection alignment, near misses, poor pedestrian safety, congestion, and poor visibility of other legs of the intersection. Currently the intersection is not signalized and contains no crosswalks. It is located near an elementary school and many school children cross this intersection daily. It is also located near Connecticut State Road Route 44, which receives a high volume of traffic. The intersection is busy especially during peak hours, and the existing geometry of the intersection hinders efficiency. Our team has delivered four alternative designs for the redevelopment of the roundabout in the town of Manchester. The first alternative design is a roundabout, the second is a traffic signal, the third is an intersection realignment, and the last alternative a “do nothing” approach. The alternatives were designed and evaluated very carefully in order to choose the best alternative. Our senior design project presents this process of scrutinizing each alternative and choosing the optimal alternative. This alternative was then designed in great detail to be submitted to the Town of Manchester for construction. We would like to thank our sponsor Mr. John DiBiasi, the assistant town engineer for the Town of Manchester. We would also like to thank our senior design advisor Dr. John Ivan.