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Civil Engineering
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Carolyn Baumgras
Andrew Greenlaw
Yiorgos Panaelidis
Colton Reardon

Charles Elias, Wei Zhang



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Brooksvale Dam is located at 524 Brooksvale Ave, Hamden, CT. GPRB was approached by Mark Austin from the Town of Hamden to inspect and redesign the pond and outflow structure at Brooksvale park to handle a 100 year storm. The pond was originally built in the 1960s to provide a recreational area for fishing and ice skating. Over the past ten years the pond has not been holding water, and with continuous development of the surrounding area there are some concerns about the stability of the dam and potential flooding.The dam was thoroughly inspected using guidelines from the CT DEEP. The 24 inch corrugated metal pipe was corroded on the discharge side and there was inadequate riprap protection on both the upstream and downstream slopes. A local company was contracted to perform boring samples of the pond to determine the soil make-up and approximate depth of bedrock. The samples were also tested using sieve analysis to estimate the hydraulic conductivity of the existing soils. GPRB performed a hydrology analysis of the drainage area to determine the required specifications of the dam. The analysis was performed using ArcMap and the watershed boundaries overlaid on a digital elevation model of the site. This data was used to model the existing conditions and design several alternatives for the pond and outflow structure to handle the increased flow of water.