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Civil Engineering
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Joseph Lombardi
Andre McNeil
Timothy Thorland
Joey Zou

John Ivan



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The goal of the Highway Safety Project is to provide a cost effective and environmentally responsible solution that will increase the safety at the intersection of Rte. 195 and Rte. 44 for all road users, making UConn and the state of Connecticut a better place to live and travel in. The intersection of interest serves as a vital access point for the state's premier public university and it is crucial that we maintain safe roadways for Connecticut's future. It has been brought to our attention that this intersection experiences a higher crash frequency compared to other intersections in the vicinity of the University of Connecticut. In particular, the intersection experiences a higher proportion of angle crashes than what is typical. Our research suggests that a roundabout at the intersection could reduce crash frequencies associated with angle crashes. Our suggested roundabout countermeasure aims to enhance the Connecticut drivers experience by making travel through the intersection safer and more efficient. The overall long-term benefits in safety and travel will improve the quality of life for residents and commuters alike.