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Civil Engineering
Team 7

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Bridget Burke
Sean Driscoll
Makyle Hawk
Samantha Lee

Nicholas Lownes


Town of Essex, CT

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Working alongside the Essex Economic Development Commission, our team was responsible for managing the implementation of proposed street network plans designed for Essex Village. These plans aimed to improve nonmotorist safety and mobility while preserving the village’s historic charm. We developed a plan to temporarily execute the design plans for the local network with minimal impact. To do so, we utilized a technique known as Tactical Urbanism, a low-cost practice using temporary materials over a demonstration period within a localized area to pilot road network improvements for nonmotorists. This period is used to gather data and feedback to determine if the improvements should become permanent fixtures. Our plan included a tentative schedule, supplies, costs, community engagement plan, staging options, and communal feedback options, to test the effectiveness of the design plans. We presented our proposal, which improved visibility of crosswalks, as well as added sidewalks, bumpouts, a pedestrian refuge and angled parking, to the town’s Planning Committee who negotiated which elements they wanted to move forward with.