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Civil Engineering
Team 8

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Dante Gilberti
Michael Julian
Joseph Paduano
Matthew Shuler

Nicholas Lownes


Town of Stonington

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Mystic, Connecticut is home to a variety of places to eat, shop, and stay. The town attracts tourists from all around. In an effort to alleviate automotive traffic caused by this surge in visitors, the Town of Stonington tasked the engineering team with designing a water taxi service that would reduce the number of vehicles traveling from the hotel-dominated region to the downtown shopping and restaurant area. The original site is located immediately after the Mystic River Bridge, south of exit 90 off of I-95. The undeveloped location would have required extensive landscaping to make it viable and this would not be economically feasible. A duck boat service was chosen as the preferred solution instead of a traditional water taxi service. A town owned parcel was chosen that is adjacent to the restaurant Latitude 41 and the Mystic Seaport Museum and is currently occupied by the Mystic River Boathouse Park. Its location and current undeveloped state make it ripe for redevelopment. Using an amphibious vehicle allows the reduction in vehicles traveling to and from the downtown area while allowing the duck boat to pick up passengers directly from the hotels near the originally proposed site. A complete site design of the park was developed with all relevant calculations including stormwater runoff, a boat launch design, a public dock design, and cost estimates.