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Computer Science and Engineering
Team 10

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Andrew Collins
Eric Flower
Sam Markelon

Wei Wei


ISO New England

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Power system dynamic models need to accurately represent the actual behavior of the systems. These models are used in planning to identify and mitigate potential criteria violations, determine transfer capability, and develop transmission system reinforcement plans. They are also used in operations for outage coordination studies, establishment of system operating limits, and real-time assessment tools. ISO New England has developed an online tool - Automatic Power Plant Model Verification (APPMV), that automatically performs the task of power plant model verification using real-time power system disturbances. This project will develop a database, an application server, and a web-based user-facing front end, which can help the ISO effectively perform the model verification task. This entails implementing a generic event database that stores rich information about each event, and making it easily accessible to data mining tools. This will feed a web-based GUI designed for analyzing and managing APPMV results. Since the current method of accessing and analyzing this data is manual, a web-GUI will quantitatively and qualitatively enhance the analysis of power grid events for ISO New England engineers. It will provide the engineers with a streamlined process and real-time visibility into grid events, helping keep the lights on in New England.