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Computer Science and Engineering
Team 20

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Skylar Fang
Brodin Raymond
Samrath Singh
Neal Xiao

Suining He


General Digital

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This project focuses on the implementation of a biometric credential validation system in an existing Secure Upload and Download System (S.U.D.S.) device. This device, manufactured by the sponsoring company General Digital, is utilized by mechanics and maintenance operators working on commercial aircraft engines, and is adopted to facilitate the transfer of data in a secure way. Leveraging various forms of biometric authentication, such as facial recognition and fingerprint scanning, this project seeks to improve the current security of the device to a standard which would allow it to be marketed towards military applications. This advance would permit the application of the S.U.D.S. devices upon military aircraft, tanks, and weapons systems, increasing the consumer base for the product greatly. Throughout this project we have devised a system to convert a single stage, simple password authentication into a two-stage, multi-factor, biometrics-based state machine.