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Electrical and Computer Engineering
Team 2005

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Miguel Castaneda Acosta
Kevin Krohomer
Natong Lin
Joseph Roca

Shengli Zhou


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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We need to charge our electronic devices on a daily basis. The inconvenience of carrying a power cord and looking for an outlet brings us to a demand of wireless charging. In our project, we address this problem through the concept of transmitting data and power via resonant beam. Our system consists of a transmitter and receiver, where power is transmitted through a 532 nm laser. There is an optical feedback loop that acts as a trigger to stop the transmission of power when the line of sight is obstructed, therefore providing feedback to a microcontroller unit (MCU). The MCU regulates the power transmission and modulates the data signal. The modulation occurs though the implementation of a switching circuit that is directly controlled by a MCU. At the receiving end, the resonant beam is converted into electrical power via photovoltaic cell and at the same time, the data signal is recovered via software-defined radio. A converter amplifies the output voltage of the PV cell to charge a device and interpret the data.