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Electrical and Computer Engineering
Team 2008

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Zachary Ahearn
Spencer Arnold
Dennis Basar
Waleed Hussain

Sung-Yeul Park


Electrical and Computer Engineering

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The UConn Electric Motorsport Club (UCEM) is in the process of building a single-seat electric race car to compete at Formula SAE Electric events. The UCEM team wants a powertrain system that is capable of high speeds, high acceleration, and a long battery life. The powertrain must also be able to communicate with the on-board low voltage system, as well as deliver real-time information to the driver during operation. The electric vehicle will be powered by a high voltage accumulator system, which consists of 64 lithium ion battery packs, outputting a substantial voltage of 268 V. The batteries will be monitored and controlled through a battery management system (BMS), and charged via an off-board battery charging unit. The vehicle will be propelled by a single electric motor, which will be controlled through a motor controller. The motor drive system is capable of outputting a constant 40 horsepower during normal driving conditions. These systems must be integrated into the electric vehicle, and will interface via a CAN protocol. This interface is widely used, and can be easily monitored by the vehicle’s control module and driver while in operation. The scope of this project includes testing the accumulator and motor drive systems both separately and together.