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Amanda F. Agui
Zubin J. Wadia

Harold D. Brody


Yankee Casting | U.S.A. AFRL

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Improved predictors for AZ92, a large freezing range alloy, will be developed to ensure that the quality of the magnesium aerospace casting is radiographyically sound after its initial production. Criteria will be utilized to tie together simulated casting parameters to the resultant quality indicators. ProcCAST, an advanced casting simulation tool, will vbe use to develop improved design rules that Yankee Casting can follow in their foundry in order to continue producing quality aerospace castings for AZ92. ProcAST will allow the sneior capstone design team to compare predictions to manufacturing data in order to pinpoint the location, type , and cause of the microporosity found in their castings. The individuals involved in this project are the senior capstone design team, faculty advisors, industry advisors, Yankee Casting, and the Air Forcr Research Laboratory, all of whom will be collaborating throughout the duration of this project.