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Mechanical Engineering
Team 26

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Jeremy Bronen
Michal Ciebielski
Nicholas Topor
Wei Wan

Reza Sheikhi


NSH Solutions LLC, Timothy Krupski

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The sick, elderly, and disabled can often struggle getting on and off of the toilet. Both in senior care facilities and in personal households, there is a considerable risk of falling, caregiver injuries caused by the strain of lifting patients, and lack of independence for the user. NSH Solutions LLC, started by UConn alum Timothy Krupski, is aiming to provide an affordable and ergonomic solution to this problem. Our team was given the task to design and fabricate a new lifting device prototype that can be used in nursing homes and private households alike. Through the use of linear actuators and gas springs, our group has designed a chair-like device that both lifts and tilts the user on/off the toilet. During the design process, our team used ANSYS simulation software to run analysis on the load distribution in order to validate the integrity and safety of the product. After building the prototype, we tested various loading scenarios and measured the experienced stresses with strain gauges, further validating the safety of the design. In addition to building a device that simply lifts patients on/off of a toilet, our team took into consideration its ease of cleanliness, ease of installation, adjustability, and ergonomic efficiency. Our project has accomplished the goals and has provided our sponsor with a next generation prototype ready for further development.