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Mechanical Engineering
Team 32

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Ethan Belisle
Andrew Fuller
Anna Tobiasz

Jason Lee


Reverge Anselmo Erika Sather

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Mr. Anselmo, an ardent supporter of Senior Design, partnered with Erika Sather to co-sponsor Natrium. Both sponsors found public surfaces aren't cleaned regularly. Natrium was tasked to develop a container to enclose and dispense sanitary barriers. The container has been optimized through the iterative design process and container optimization calculations and showcases an easy to use locking system. It’s comprised of two cylindrical parts with friction fitting preventing entry of small particles proven to prevent entry of small particles utilizing cycle and sand testing. The sanitary barriers located inside the container provide proof of concept as they are 100% recyclable and biodegradable while also indented and lavender scented fulfilling all sponsor requirements. Overall, Natrium has satisfied all requirements and created a unique product providing the public with an option to an unclean surface.