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Mechanical Engineering
Team 36

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Devin Coperthwaite
Zachary Mangold
Aidan Wilkinson

David Giblin



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Our joint engineering team completed an energy consumption analysis on a selected building on the Pfizer Groton campus. Pfizer seeks to make significant reductions in energy consumption by the year 2023 through reductions in thermal and electrical energy usage on their campus. In order to do so, they will need a process with which they can apply to various buildings throughout their campus to determine energy currently being consumed and calculate energy savings through a variety of alterations to building systems and company energy policies. This process provides Pfizer with a methodology to calculate energy savings by analyzing building systems that consume large amounts of energy. This process includes analysis of building air exchange through HVAC systems, electrical consumption savings by upgrading existing lighting systems, reduction of water consumption, as well as simulation modeling of existing building conditions via eQuest modeling software.