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Mechanical Engineering
Team 43

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Cameron Garrelts
Clara Ramirez
Jacob Robison

Zhao, Xinju


Pratt and Whitney

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This project aims to produce a test rig capable of determining heat transfer film coefficients on rotating disks operating under Reynolds number conditions that simulate a standard gas turbine engine. Previous rig designs were capable of producing a Reynolds number associated with a rotational velocity of 7,500 rotations per minute. To improve the capabilities of the rig, modifications were made to increase the rotational velocity beyond 12,000 rotations per minute, producing greater Reynolds numbers. Corresponding numerical simulations in ANSYS Fluent are used to evaluate and validate the coefficients determined experimentally. The team also developed and proved a heat film transfer coefficient applicable for this rotating disk. The modifications planned and researched for this rig are primarily increasing the power of the motor, transitioning to a new power transmission system with a more feasible pulley/gearing system, considering disk geometry, composition alterations and constructing a rig steady frame. The rig implements the same pyrometer included in the previous design iteration.