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Mechanical Engineering
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Sean O'Bannon
Jack Pashayan
Keith Prior

Chih-Jen Sung


RSL Fiber Systems

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The objective of our project is to design and manufacture a portable, lightweight fiber optic illuminator for our sponsor, RSL Fiber Systems. We are basing our designs off of previous products made by the company. Current designs consist of three (3) isolated sections: a powerful, wall-mounted light-generating unit, a fiber optic cable to transport the light, and a non-electric optical diffuser for the user to control the operation of the light. Separating the system into discrete units adds to the device’s operability at the user end, eases maintenance, and protects the electric units from exposure to harmful outdoor conditions. We will be improving on previous designs by including an independent battery in the unit, which will give the device its portability. Because of the military use of the product, strict technical qualifications for the unit must also be met. It must be waterproof rated to IP 65 qualification, it must pass shock test requirements, and it must not be susceptible to EMI (electromagnetic interference). All of this will be achieved while also reducing the weight and size of the device by using more specialized components during design and construction. This device should be an improvement in every way, with as little compromise as possible.