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Mechanical Engineering
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Jordan Arcangel
Jacob Fortin
Matthijs Hoesktra

Vito Moreno


Rubber Labels USA

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Rubber Labels USA is a manufacturing company that specializes in the production of custom-ordered rubber labels for various industries. The current production process includes several time consuming, labor-intensive, and highly repeatable tasks. The goal of this project is to implement an automated system to improve efficiency, eliminate waste, and reduce labor needs. Specifically, the role of the system is to guide rubber sheets out of a calendaring machine, apply powder to the rubber, and cut the sheets into manageable sizes. Since this is a custom-order production process, the calendered rubber can vary on an order to order basis. It is important that the system can be adjusted to account for variations including feed rate, thickness, powdered or no powder, cutting lengths, etc. The operator is able to set these parameters at the beginning of each batch to accommodate the specifications using a program made with an Arduino control system.