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Mechanical Engineering
Team 68

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Ryan Champigny
Brandon Missino
Killian Yu

Vito Moreno


STANLEY Access Technologies

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The Magic-Force system is responsible for creating the torque needed to open heavy doors. The planetary gears are the first to fail in the system. STANLEY Access Technologies aims to increase the lifespan of these gears. Gears undergo pitting, cracking and chipping. The grease within the gears also loses their lubrication through repeated use. These factors all contribute to a shorter lifespan of the system as a whole. There are a number of causes that negatively affect the system: • Heat • Uneven force distribution • Improper lubrication • Loose tolerances between parts Our objective was to pinpoint the main causes of why the system fails and make modifications to the system to mitigate the losses. This was achieved by running multiple tests, with one variable modification for each test. Through testing we were able to pinpoint the causes of failure within the planetary gear system. Thermocouple data revealed that temperatures exceeded the max allowable temperature for the current grease in production. Also, tightening the tolerance for dimensions of each part, reduced friction. The quantity of tests and data points supports that the modified systems consistently performed better than the control units. A formal test procedure was created, so STANLEY can rerun these tests to explore our variables further or to test new variables in the future.