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Mechanical Engineering
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Rachel Haviland
Jeremy Prema
Samuel Spak

David Pierce



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Encapsulate is a startup company located in Farmington, Connecticut. Their goal is to revolutionize cancer treatments by designing technology to provide personalized treatment plans. The goal of this project was to design, build, and test an automated cell culturing machine to aid in the providing of personalized cancer treatment plans. This machine grows cancer cells outside of the patient’s body for the purpose of testing the effectiveness of various chemotherapeutic drugs. The machine along with tumor-on-a-chip technology grows twelve microtumors over a two week time span, which allows for twelve different chemotherapeutic drugs to be tested as a time. In order to properly mimic the functions of the human body, this machine maintains environmental conditions required for the growth of the cells. Three automated subsystems deliver cell growing media to the cells and analyze the growth of the cells by taking microscopic images. The subsystems are controlled by a single user interface, which also displays the cell microimages.