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Mechanical Engineering
Team 71

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Julian Horvath
Sophie MacDonald
Aaron Marselli

Wilson Chiu


Mechanical Engineering

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The objective of this project is to develop a thermal management system capable of regulating the temperatures of a motor, motor controller, and battery of a high-performance electric vehicle. The sponsor for this project is UConn Electric Motorsports, a Formula Student organization that is in the process of constructing a vehicle to compete at official events. The designed cooling system complies with all regulations implemented by the Formula Student organization and is robust and easy to maintain. To achieve the desired results, a two-part system has been developed: the motor and motor controller are cooled by a flow path incorporating a radiator and pump, with water as the coolant. The battery, split into four main blocks and housed inside an electrically insulated container, is air-cooled by a series of fans that draw power from the battery itself. The design makes use of cooling lines prebuilt into the motor and motor controller by their respective manufacturers and pre-existing gaps in the battery blocks to allow for airflow.