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Management and Engineering for Manufacturing
Team 5

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Kailey Crothers
Nicholas Porebski
Clayton Schneider
Michael Windover

Craig Calvert, Frank J. Cunha


CTNext through CTIN4SPIRE

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Pratt & Whitney is sponsoring a research team that is located at the University of Connecticut’s Depot Campus. The research team is preforming accelerated testing on the lifetime of thermal barrier coatings. Their research is focused on expanding the capabilities of aircraft engines through the deeper understanding of TBCs. The lab is equipped with a burner rig where the tests take place. The current process has an excessive amount of Muda, as the team wastes their time manually collecting, manipulating and analyzing the massive amount of data produced from their experiments. This data includes pre-testing requirements, test parameters, test results, and final analysis, which are in the form of thermal, numerical, and optical data. Our team is working to implement Industry 4.0 techniques into their data management processes. We are looking to streamline their ability to collect, store and analyze their data. This will ultimately empower them to make data driven decisions at quicker speeds with higher confidence.