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Materials Science and Engineering
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Isaiah Carrington
Victoria Reichelderfer

Montgomery Shaw


Farrel Pomini

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In the polymer processing industry, there is an established need for a greater understanding of how polymer melts interact with various metallic and composite coatings. Molten polymer should stick to the processing equipment without sacrificing productivity or wearing the surface of the rotor. The objective is to establish background information on melt adhesion for the benefit of the industry sponsor, Farrel-Pomini, as well as the polymer processing industry. This will be achieved through a quantitative reference showing the adhesion properties between several commonly used polymer melts and coatings with varying chemistries and surface finishes. Rheometry and dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) were used throughout this investigation to perform variations on the standard tack test for adhesion. The normal force required to remove polymer melts from the surfaces was analyzed. This data was then organized into a comprehensive reference.