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Materials Science and Engineering
Team 9

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Cassidy Atkinson
Eliana Berney
Alexander Perkins

Pamir Alpay

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This senior design project is sponsored by Army Research Laboratories (ARL). There is a strong focus on keeping soldiers safe by aiming to improve the body and vehicle armor used in combat situations. Silicon carbide is a material that is commonly used in body armor, and aluminum is commonly used in the vehicle structural and armor systems. Both of these materials are studied frequently, so a great deal is known about them. Grain boundaries are a common point at which materials fail. The aim of this project is to develop a metric to correlate the disorder in common grain boundary structures to the mechanical properties that the aforementioned materials exhibit through molecular dynamics. This study is important because it will play a role in building future generations of body and vehicle armor from the nano-scale up by understanding which grain boundary structures are beneficial and which grain boundary structures should be avoided during processing.