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Team 3

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Reed Kroll
Noah Pacik-Nelson
Keshav Patel
Niels Peschel
Jeremy Reiser

Dong Shin, Hari Srinivasan, Jiachuan Wang



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The Carrier Corporation uses model based design (MBD) for their product development applications. One of the MBD tool sets, Sandia Dakota, outputs data into HDF5 file format. HDF5 files uses a versatile data model that can represent very complex data objects and a wide variety of metadata. The Carrier team would like a data visualization application capable of reading/processing the HDF5 format and producing versatile visualizations to interpret the MBD results. There are currently a very limited number of tools available for visualizing HDF5 files and their capabilities are inflexible and limited. The envisioned data visualization application should allow the Carrier team to easily visualize the results of methods, compare and contrast variables, find optimal values, etc. The planned data visualization application should allow the user to create a variety of custom visualizations from the datasets contained within a wide-array of user provided HDF5 files. We are developing this HDF5 data visualization application using the Electron software framework, React and Bootstrap front-end components, and the h5py and plotly libraries for data processing/visualization generation.