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Michael Guth
Denica Creighton

Guoan Zheng


UConn Biomedical Engineering Department

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The goal of this project was to develop a low cost alternative to traditional PCR machines, which cost several thousand dollars on the market. The PCR process as a means to amplify target DNA or RNA sequences is vital to disease testing (such as COVID-19) and in school settings when studying biological sciences. By providing a low cost and portable alternative to standard PCR machines, this project has the potential to increase access to disease testing in developing nations and can be used in underfunded school environments. This project utilizes Loop-Mediated Isothermal Amplification, which unlike traditional PCR only utilizes one temperature and can run reactions in thirty minutes. Using colorimetric reagents, allows for a user to see their test results without any extra equipment. This is extremely critical in diseases testing, when getting results to a patient without needing a lab-technician provides greater access in developing nations. Each LAMP unit costs just under $250, and a each rapid COVID-19 test costs $7.86. These low price points help to increase access to consumer home testing, as well as public health departments to disperse testing materials. The device can run 12 tests every 30 minutes and does not require any advanced knowledge to operate. This project has helped to remove the monetary barrier of research, testing, and education in DNA and RNA amplification.