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Team 21

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Brandon Lathe
Kenny Tran
Robert Watson
Lang Cao

Alexandra Hain


Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT)

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Civil Engineering Senior Design Team 21 was responsible for designing the site for an alternative emergency power supply for the Wallingford, CT Train Station to replace the aging Uninterrupted Power Supply. This power supply allows fire suppression, emergency lighting, and electric features of the station such as elevators, signs, ticketing booths, and speakers to remain active during power loss. Considerations for the project included allowing full access to the train platform and keeping handicap accessible entries open during and after construction. Additionally, the power supply must be able to power the station for up to a week. The team explored numerous options for a power supply including a new Uninterrupted Power Supply, several types of generators, and a hybrid combination of the two. Multiple factors were explored to consider economic and environmental drawbacks when making this selection such as power capacity, fuel sources, and lifespan of the unit. Multiple locations were considered to place the power supply, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. Structural load calculations were performed with the provided geotechnical data to design the foundation. Construction staging plans and schedules were created, as well as a thorough project cost estimate including materials, labor, and equipment fees. The project will go to construction in 2024 where the CTDOT will use Team 21’s design package for reference while reviewing contractor bids.