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Sean Decker
Sebastian Krzos
Jacob Dinklocker
Asim Astreya

Dr. John Ivan

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This project utilizes UConn’s Depot Campus by converting it into a vehicle testing facility designed especially for automated and autonomous vehicles. At the moment, the UConn Depot Campus is not being utilized for any project and much of the buildings are abandoned. With the creation of a vehicle testing facility, UConn seeks to establish itself as a leader in the rapidly growing industry of automated and autonomous vehicles. Therefore, UConn in collaboration with Dr. Eric Jackson and private investors have tasked us with creating a design of such a facility. In this project we aim to replicate the field conditions of two things: a high speed road design with smooth curves and roadway designs that would exist in a smart city. A few requirements for an autonomous vehicle testing facility include straight tracks that can allow vehicles to reach highway speeds, and smooth curves where the top speed can be maintained. Roads with foliage coverage are required in a vehicle testing facility to test how vehicles perform when GPS signals are blocked off by trees. It is also important that roads can replicate rural and urban designs, and with a few additions of buildings and road designs, this can be accomplished in the Depot Campus. Further important requirements for a testing facility include, parking spaces and road side parking. Some parking spaces already exist in the property and can be used to replicate parking commonly found on a small city or small. Additionally, to replicate traffic conditions of a smart city, there must be traffic signals installed alongside a small 5G network coverage. Also it is important that the test track be in a discreet location, as automobile companies would want to hide their test results, the location of the facility is perfect as there is little traffic in the surrounding roads, with the exception of Route 44. With the guidance of Dr. Eric Jackson, our team is confident that we will be able to design a state of the art autonomous and automated vehicular testing facility.