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Anne Quevreaux
Thomas Reese Jr.
Mihir Sharma
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Dr. John Ivan


Town of Stamford, CT

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Stamford, Connecticut is home to one of the largest rail stations along the Metro North Rail Line, assisting in the flow of people locally and between larger metropolitan areas. While rail transit is an important stitch in the fabric of Stamford’s transportation network, without the support of effective walking, biking, and bus systems throughout the rest of the city, its weave will unravel completely. For this reason, we have been contracted by the Stamford DOT to support their efforts in improving multimodal transportation methods throughout the city by improving walking and biking conditions along North State Street, the entrance to the city from the Stamford Metro Station and I-95. Our role in the project is to improve cyclist and pedestrian conditions on North State Street from Washington Ave to Elm St as well as to implement signage to welcome those entering the city by vehicle. Travelers from the Metro North Station are greeted into the city by beautiful walking conditions, however these ideal conditions quickly deteriorate to an environment that would discourage walkers and cyclists. Additionally, travelers from the highway are not welcomed to the city by any significant signage to  influence the character of the city. We will improve the conditions of the corridor through the implementation of a multi-use pathway. This shared bike and pedestrian path, along with other strategic design choices will improve sidewalk conditions for active transport users while also providing a more beautiful entrance into the city for vehicle travelers. Our plan includes drawings of the proposed pathway, a 3D model of the improvements to the street and a total cost analysis of the project.