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Emma Peak
Emmanuel Adelani
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John Ivan


Town of Manchester, CT

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The Town of Manchester has decided to invest in the Case Mountain Recreation Area. Due to extreme weather erosion and lack of adequate structure of stone walls, there is increasing damage to older structures and to the integrity of the overall composition of the recreational area. Specifically, excess stormwater over the past years has led to surface runoff into channels on the hillsides of the recreation area. This has resulted in erosion of many sections along the older carriage path trails. The overland flow has also washed out some of the original stone walls supporting the carriage paths thereby causing a partial collapse of the wall. The objective of the design project is to address the structural issues of the recreation area while keeping physical, ecological and economic sustainability in mind. As a group, we identified water erosion control and the areas of collapsed stone wall to be the two focal points of the project. It was then our job to present solutions to the Town of Manchester for those two issues. In our proposal, we provided the Town three alternatives to address the water erosion and three alternatives to address the collapsed wall. After much consideration, the Town of Manchester decided to use all three water erosion alternatives to address the erosion found on the trails. For the water erosion issues, we will be providing them design plans for a water bar, French drain, and drainage dip to implement on the trails, as well as a toolbox to have as a resource for future issues of water erosion. To address the areas of the collapsed stone wall, the Town of Manchester decided on a steel fence to implement in the areas of the stone wall that have collapsed, and therefore, we will be providing them design plans for a chain-link steel fence.