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Team 8

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Israel Berl
Timothy Davis
Vincent Huang
Marissa Mottolese
Lauren Romeo


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The Town of Wethersfield identified fourteen intersections that pose safety concerns to vulnerable road users, including pedestrians and cyclists. Our senior design team was tasked with presenting design solutions to improve the safety conditions at these locations. For each location, we used CAD software to create plans and cost estimates, with the town's feedback implemented. The locations vary from unsafe midblock crosswalks to offset intersections to railroad crossings. Our proposals use a variety of new urbanism tactics to reduce the risk of collisions, especially with pedestrians and cyclists. On many of the roads, bike lanes are proposed as a low budget way for Wethersfield to become more bike-friendly, and pedestrian islands have been recommended to shorten crossing distances. Our plans also address ADA compliance of sidewalks, noting ramps that are too steep or lacking crossing pads. Each location has presented its own unique challenges to the team. In conclusion, these improvements will create safer and more accessible roads for all users in the Town of Wethersfield.