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Team 11

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Timothy Bogues
Christopher Geiger
Ramoi Hammond
Dylan Manchester
Vinh Ung

Benjamin Fuller



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The Connecticut National Guard (CTNG) Cyber Range is a cloud-hosted cyber range to facilitate training for its personnel and partners. In this environment, the CTNG must be able to create a scenario to faithfully replicate either a critical infrastructure or local municipality’s network and provide either hosted or remote-connected adversaries. (i.e. the CTNG provides the threat, Red Team, or facilitates bringing a Red Team via remotely connected systems). The range must provide a realistic set of threats, vulnerabilities and exploits that mimic real-world attacks and provides a means for “blue team” systems to be added to the network, post exploitation, simulating a cyber incident response. The end state is a well-orchestrated storyline that ties into a realistic set of attacks that mimic threats from script kiddy, Low Level hackers through advanced persistent threat and nation-state actors.