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Jordan Tsao
Erik Kriz
Saamiya Bhura
Paige Sheridan

Jacob Scoggin



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The Mental Health & Wellness Application was created to provide easier access to SHaW’s Mental Health Services for UConn students. The application primarily features a chat service, allowing UConn students to connect with SHaW professionals through messaging at any time. This service is targeted towards those looking to seek advice not warranting a full session with a therapist. Due to COVID-19, it has become more difficult to seek help in person. The alternatives (over the phone and Zoom calls) can also be extremely daunting. This can result in less individuals seeking help when they need it the most. The project consists of two parts: a patient website and a therapist program. The patient website will be utilized by UConn students and was created using the Django framework and Python for its backend programming. In order to chat with therapists, users of the site have to be registered to ensure that they are UConn students. Once logged in, the user will gain access to links to the chat rooms of all available therapists. When not utilizing the chat rooms, users can find articles, programs, and other useful services in the resources section of the site. The therapist program will be utilized by SHaW mental health professionals. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) for this program was created through Python’s Tkinter module. When the program is opened, the therapist user is prompted to either log in or register a new account. Once logged in, the therapist can indicate their ready status to the site through a toggle button at the top of the screen. Once they indicate they are ready, the therapist can open up their chat room using the messaging button. When they are not chatting with patient users, the therapist can utilize the calendar feature to input their availability and view times they have previously indicated to be working. During sessions, the therapist can also utilize the notes functionality to write down important information they may need in the future.