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Team 34

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Benjamin Chan
Julie He
Augusto Iversen
Christopher Jacobs
Alyssa Johnson

Mukul Bansal



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Our team has designed and created a mobile-accessible web application used to report cyber attacks and exploits. The development of this application was sponsored by CT GMIS with the Town of Manchester to facilitate the current cyber exploitation reporting process. Time is of the essence when an attack occurs, yet often the news of cyber exploits doesn't reach technicians and defender agencies until weeks after the attack has been detected. With this application, participating Connecticut municipalities can report cyber exploits in a timely and secure manner. Additionally, technicians can receive notification of cyber incidents in real time, removing unnecessary delays in reporting. Our application makes use of various frameworks and services to come together and form a complete prototype. We use MongoDB as a database to store records in conjunction with Django to add, archive, or retrieve records as needed for our backend. With Angular, we provide a reactive, accessible frontend interface to display detected incidents, each with running comment chains to keep track of updates or edits. Administrators can also manage organizations and users. Using AWS, our application sends out notifications to all affected users and tagged agencies. This cloud service is also expected to be used by the sponsor for hosting and deploying the final application. Although the original goals of this project were to create both Android and Apple mobile applications, a slight shift in primary sponsorship to CT GMIS during the Spring semester changed our priority to making a single mobile-friendly web application.