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Prithvi Guddera
Justin Gallicchio
Junkai Wu
Anthony Doyle
William Hemingway

Professor Phillip Bradford



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Phillip Bradford, Gideon Samid, Stephen Rust, Steve Davis, and Daniel Schwartz

The unary cipher shown in this application is a variation of the very popular Vernam Cipher or One-Time Pad. This ciphertext is absolutely secure, no matter the strength of the computer trying to crack it. This is because the ciphertext does not commit to the plaintext. As an example, if a message of “Hello World” is sent, the Unary Cipher may create a ciphertext that when deconstructed with the wrong key, will result in the message “I’m hungry”. Due to the number of different keys that can be used to decrypt to meaningful plaintexts, even if a computer were to find every possible key, there is no guarantee that the one chosen will even be the correct plaintext. The best part of Unary, is that the same key can be used over and over again. This cipher is convenient, useful, and most of all, very secure. To learn more about Vernam: To learn more about the cipher, you can read the full paper here: