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Team 8

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Jack Grossman
Kenneth Thai
Rosa Daeipour
Ryan Slivinski

Ion Mandoiu



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Touring a college campus can make or break a prospective student’s decision to attend a university. With the COVID-19 pandemic, it is harder for those students to go out and visit the university they dream of attending. With the Enhanced Campus Tour, it is easier for students to view the UConn campus from the safety of their home. Using virtual reality technology, students will receive a similar experience as if they were participating in person. The user will be able to tour campus and view popular buildings through a web application developed in Unity. Throughout the tour, when you look at a building or structure that is commonly used, an informational display will appear where you can learn more about that building. This application allows the user to be able to access the tour on any device and anywhere with an internet connection. The Enhanced Campus Tour will allow students to experience life at UConn while remaining socially distant and keeping our fellow Huskies safe.