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Team 9

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Eric Bueno
Alexander Kolbin
Colby Laracuente
Kyle Morris
Shubham Pai

Yufeng Wu


University of Connecticut

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Our project for UConn Information Technology Service (ITS) focuses on their Development and IT Operations (DevOps) pipeline for Kuali Financial Systems (KFS). KFS is a suite of financial software built on open-source platforms for higher education. The ITS DevOps team manages and modifies the KFS environment by tracking issues, programming features, and then the final step of deploying these features using a pipeline. The pipeline begins with code in a central repository and an automated job that then compiles, builds, and deploys the updated repository to their application server. The goal of this project will be to enhance this pipeline to include unit and integration testing, issue tracking, artifact management, and automation. These changes will deploy code versions in a more stable manner as well as automate the entire process to faster deploy and/or troubleshoot upcoming changes. The DevOps Team’s motivation behind this project was to merge technologies within the Atlassian Suite, though some other open-source technologies will also be seen integrated within this pipeline. Merging functionality across Atlassian products allows the DevOps team to more comfortably connect and manage their code pipeline.