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Ali Bazzi

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The goal of our project is to successfully launch a projectile underwater using electromagnetic fields.  This is accomplished by sending electrical currents through coils of wire in order to produce magnetic fields.  When a magnetic field is created in a coil it will pull anything magnetic to the center of the coil.  In our design, three coils are used to form a coil gun in order to propel the projectile out of the launch tube.  The goal of each coil is to produce a magnetic field just long enough to bring the ferrous projectile into the center of the coil, then turn off so that the magnetic field does not stop the projectile from continuing forward.  This is achieved by using a microcontroller to switch each stage of the coil gun on and off quickly.  The main purpose of this launching technique is to be able to launch a payload, such as a U.U.V or Underwater Unmanned Vehicle, discreetly.  This would be utilized primarily on submarines where reducing the potential noise of operations is of utmost importance.