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Team 2104

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Baizun Xu
Luyun Zhou
Heyu Zhang

Abhishek Dutta



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As fitness becomes a main melody in many people’s life nowadays, being able to grasp the vital parameters of their body starts to show a more important role. This project focus on an emerging technology that appears in many modern wearable devices, like Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch, Fitbit, and Garmin. The goal is to build a portable device that can measure vital parameters of human body. We are required to get various types of detecting sensors to measure each parameter and then properly integrate and connect them all together with microcontroller where signal will be governed and sent to a computer. Programming with C should take place on the computer, and analyze and edit the signal from the detecting sensors. We are using two detecting sensors which are relatively easy to design and integrate for this project to measure three parameters: heart rate, blood oxygen rate, and body temperature.