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Abby Klimowicz
Florence Opoku
Lais Da Silva
Taryn Murasso

Dr. Tim Vadas


SESI Consulting Engineers

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The Canadian Radium and Uranium (CRU) site was historically contaminated with radioactive radionuclides and toxic heavy metals. Despite years of assessments and remediation, contamination still remains on site. For this project, a plan was developed to remove contamination from the site by excavating polluted soils and sending the soil through the process of dry soil separation. Dry soil separation helps separate out the radionuclide contaminated portions of the soil from the clean portions so that a greater volume of soil can be reused and less soil has to be sent to a landfill specializing in radionuclides. This solution is not only cost effective but helps reduce the need to bring in clean fill and topsoil to replace contaminated soil. In order to protect workers and the community, an air monitoring plan for during the remediation process and a groundwater sampling plan for after remediation were also created.