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Alexis Coley
Brianna Herman
Sarah Mazerolle
Ryan Tamayoshi

Timothy Vadas


CHA Consulting, Inc.

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Willington Park LLC seeks to develop Multi-Family Housing on a ~16 acre plot of land between Route 32 and Baxter Road in Willington, CT. The developer is looking for 16 total housing units split amongst buildings of two to three units each. The site does not have access to municipal water and sewer systems, so sub-surface treatment systems and on-site wells will be needed. Group 3 of the Environmental Engineering Program was given three tasks for this project. First, to design individual septic systems and leaching fields for each planned building under the regulatory compliance of the CT Public Health Code, accounting for effective leaching area, minimum system leaching spread, and regulatory separation distances. Second, to site possible well locations on the property given required minimum separation distances from site features and infrastructure. And third, to develop a site concept including the planned units along with all wastewater treatment infrastructure taking into consideration the pertinent zoning and wetland regulations, topography, and area requirements for the water and wastewater systems. Given the site conditions, Group 3 developed a layout for 12 total units split amongst two arrangements of buildings to accommodate the central inland wetland and associated regulatory separation distances. The western arrangement consists of four total units over two buildings, with appropriately sized septic systems for each building’s total number of bedrooms. An individual private well will be constructed for each building and tap directly into the plumbing system. The northeastern arrangement consists of eight total units over three buildings, and each building will be accommodated by its own septic system. In contrast to the other arrangement, these three buildings will be serviced by a single community well, likely with some form of atmospheric storage to meet peak flow demands.