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Team 10

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Logan Miller
Randall Louie
Curtis Fetteroll
Ahmed El-Mouwfi

Craig Calvert


Richard Davids

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This interdisciplinary project aimed to develop a revolutionary portable toilet unlike anything already on the market. It has a modular design that is easy to assemble and includes features such as a waste management system and solar powered device charging capabilities. LooLoo will work with organizations already in the humanitarian aid sector to help those communities in need, specifically the homeless and disaster-affected or developing communities. These communities often struggle to accommodate their members’ needs for a place to safely go to the bathroom, a privilege many people take for granted. This often causes health risks to develop due to open defecation in public facilities and water sources. The engineering design process in this project consisted of an iterative cycle of providing requirements, researching and presenting design solutions, reviewing those proposed designs, providing feedback, and repeating. Through this process the structural materials were narrowed down to those with the greatest balance of cost, weight, strength, and environmental resilience. The electrical components have been evaluated and modified multiple times to achieve an optimal design for power storage and output, while minimizing the cost. The waste management system minimizes bad odors while allowing for efficient storage, removal, and reuse. The business plan outlines the recommended marketing plan, distribution plan, and manufacturing plan for LooLoo to continue with in the future.