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Camila Baez-Paez
Luis Garces
Nicholas Perry

Frank J. Cunha, Craig Calvert



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Dymax Corporation is a global leader in the manufacturing of adhesives and sealants located in Torrington, CT. Dymax manufactures innovative rapid light-curable materials, dispense equipment, and Ultraviolet/Light-emitting diode (UV/LED) curing systems. The company has recently been facing screw tensioning failures within some of its manufactured equipment, specifically the UV Curing Systems which has resulted in first-pass assembly internal failures. The objective of this project is to reduce internal failures and improve the output of the screw assembly process by analyzing the current screw assembly methods being used and researching other practices currently being conducted in similar industries. The metric of success defined for this project is that the implemented changes will significantly decrease the current internal failure. A Pareto chart was created to identify and prioritize what defects to address first. After obtaining this information the team started researching possible solutions and arrived at the conclusion that implementing a transducerized/electronically controlled screwdriver would be the most effective way to meet the sponsor’s requirements. The transducerized screwdriver was tested for reliability and experimental target torque values were obtained. The perceived benefits of implementing this tool were: decreased cycle time, labor hours, ergonomic risks, quality concerns, the risk priority number score in the process failure mode effects analysis (PFMEA), and increased availability of direct labor resources.