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Kelly Franklin
Kyra Cullerton
Neha Muktadir

Craig Calvert, Frank J. Cunha



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With many growth opportunities approaching this family owned business , Lyman Orchards in Middlefield, CT, is seeking to expand into a new production facility. Lyman understands its market very well, and has a strong desire to meet certain revenues within the next few years. This new facility will be an addition to the brand to increase their capacity, optimize the production flow, and implement new technology and automation into their processes.  Throughout these last two semesters, the project team has been focused on analyzing Lyman’s  current information and data relating to their products, customers, and production flow to create the future facility layout. The goal was to see where modifications could be made to increase efficiency and reach a specific revenue goal over the next five years. Multiple deliverables were created and sent to the sponsor that showed where the company stands currently and what possible changes could be made. A forecasting model was initially developed that laid out the various products and customers Lyman currently has and the extent to which these factors contribute to the profitability of the business. Subsequently, the team gathered information regarding the company’s product pallets and current storage space. This was used to determine a suitable freezer and storage space for the new facility to support the amount of sales the company predicts to reach.  Finally, the team measured the current facility components and created a new layout for the sponsor to design the new facility around. This new production facility aims to increase capacity,  efficiency, productivity, and material flow in creating their delicious treats that cater to their current and future customers.  Lyman has the passion to build and expand into new territories across the country. They have the potential to reach their revenues and goals with the resources provided by the team and their continuous effort to be competitive in this market!