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Jack DiFrancesco
John Dana
Romario Bowen
Vinny Fazio

Dr. Vito Moreno


EA Patten

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The purpose of this project was to find a significant time savings for the current process of affixing metal wear sleeves to tubes which are then sent out to be brazed together at 1950℉. Our sponsor company is EA Patten, located in Manchester, CT. We also received donated work and materials from Spartan Aerospace and Accurate Brazing, in Manchester, CT. The current process is done in a layout that holds the tube in position using blocks referred to as C-channels which also show the mounting locations of the wear sleeves. The tube is marked where the wear sleeves are supposed to be mounted and then the tube is transferred to a separate workstation to have the wear sleeves attached to the tube using safety wire. We have sought major time savings by having the wear sleeves attached to the tube while in the initial layout, along with using a faster attachment method. To improve the attachment method, we have designed a special clip that simply snaps on to the wear sleeves and holds them in place. This is much quicker than using the safety wire, along with being more ergonomic for the end user. By redesigning the c-channels we have allowed the wear sleeves to be attached to the tube while still at the initial layout using our designed clip. Throughout our project we have used a highly iterative design process. We would come up with multiple design ideas at once and evaluate each of them and then build upon what we learned to come up with a prototype to test. After testing we evaluated our results and came up with new designs based on what we learned. By using this process, we were able to come up with our final designs for the C-channel and clip, shown on the right. These changes have resulted in a time savings of approximately 85% with the overall process time being cut from 5 minutes to within the range of 30 to 45 seconds.