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Julia Pitruzzello
Zach Saville
Sean Stennett
Jose Vasquez

Vito Moreno



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Lefty Eq is a small, woman owned startup company focused on making improvements in various aspects of society. Owner Gabrielle Shoshan conceived the idea for compact, foldable pet stairs while living in a cramped city apartment with her small dogs. Dogs are often prone to back and leg injuries from maneuvering their way up and down large heights, be it from a couch or a bed. Our group was tasked with bringing Gabrille’s pet stairs to life in order to alleviate the risk of injury in pets while creating steps that can fit into any living space. To appeal to all pets and pet owners, the stairs must be capable of supporting up to 200 lbs, weigh no more than 5 lbs, fold to a thickness of no larger than 3 inches, and be easy to handle. These steps should cost no more than $200 retail price while still being aesthetically pleasing to the customer. This project is a continuation from the Senior Design class of 2020 and because of this our group has been able to analyze the design from last year as part of our research and development process. This has allowed ME 32 to work directly on aspects of the previous design that fell short while making other improvements to better meet the requirements of the sponsor. The design constructed by ME 32 uses a folding mechanism devised to provide the pet owner with the greatest ease of transition from storage to full use. The material used to build the pet stairs was heavily researched and carefully selected by comparing each option’s strength, weight, and durability. The dimensions of both the frame and steps were determined while taking into consideration the variation in furniture height as well as the wide range of sizes dogs can be. Combining all of these changes should allow our current design to make heavy improvements over the previous design in order to meet our requirements.