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Kyler Vensel
Jake Schwartzmann
Joshua Lunn

Dr. Alexei Poludnenko



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The need for submerged launches and deliveries is paramount in the naval community. The issue with current submerged launch methods is that they are often inefficient and time consuming. Additionally, most of these launch methods are reliant on combustible materials which are dangerous and easily detectable. For this reason, the push for more fully electric systems has generated interest in the use of electromagnetic technology as a more efficient alternative to current submerged launch methods. The objective of this project is to successfully launch a cylindrical projectile from a submerged outer tube utilizing electromagnetism as the driving force. This projectile represents an unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) which will be deployed using a ferromagnetic sled propelled by an electromagnetic coil gun acting as a solenoid. NUWC is also interested in a hatch system that can be remotely operated by a single user, which would simplify the launch process significantly compared to previous designs. Our design consists of a three stage coil gun, machined and fitted with 18 gauge copper wire. The hatches can be controlled remotely and are fitted with motors that can effectively create a watertight seal on the launch tube.