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Our joint engineering team completed a water consumption analysis on selected buildings of the Pfizer Groton campus. This site currently has the highest consumption for all locations worldwide. Pfizer seeks to make significant reductions in water consumption while also reducing discharge cost to the sewer and Thames River. In order to do so, they will need a comprehensive report with which they can apply to various buildings and systems throughout their campus to determine water currently being consumed and calculate consumption and discharge savings through a variety of alterations to building systems and local and state compliance guidelines. This process provides Pfizer with a methodology to calculate water savings by analyzing building systems that consume and discharge the largest amounts of water. Thus including analysis of blowdown, make-up water, evaporative losses from their cooling towers, as well as a detailed examination of their steam condensate feed and return lines. This is done through the use of ANSYS Fluent in order to optimize these lines to ensure a higher efficiency from their boilers, resulting in less steam consumed and more returned. The components and devices within the chillers/cooling towers to continue minimizing all physical losses and thus discharge rate.