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Team 42

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Mohammad Almatari
Michael Masayda Jr.
Remi Goddu

Dr. David J. Giblin


Pratt & Whitney

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Pratt and Whitney is an industry leader in civil and military aviation. It is apparent that reducing fatigue and extending the lives of engines and fuselage would be advantageous to their global customer base. The objective of this project is to design an experiment to quantify the effects of torque applied to bolts to dampen vibrating metal systems to build on research done in previous years. In order to study the effects of torque applied to dampen vibrations, our team developed a Chladni Plate with stiffening rib configurations bolted to the underside. By creating a matrix of experimental damping coefficients with different bolt pretensions, we are able to determine the torque for optimal damping in each rib configuration. By utilizing ANSYS, our team is able to compare experimental results with data gathered from LabVIEW to the modal analysis results computed with ANSYS.